Evil spirits are wandering around Nieuw Dakota. Join us at Dakota By Night on Friday 2 September to experience the ritual cleansing of body and mind. Artists, performers, musicians and exorcists unite to free the place and its visitors from their demons.

Dakota By Night: The Ritual Cleansing
Friday 2 September
21:00 - 03:00 hrs

Participating artists
Alex Zamora is a visual artist and will transform Nieuw Dakota into a gloomy arena where the rituals take place that night. He will lure evil spirits out of the cracks and holes with smoke and fire and then chase them away. 
Bella Báguena is a Spanish trans femme non-binary artist who mixes different disciplines such as music, performance, and jewelry design. During Dakota By Night, she will hunt for the close emotional experience between her and the spectator, a sincere and devil-free channel of exchange. The instruments used are words, body expression or the energy of the voice.
Leandro Barzabal works on the border of experimental music and performance. He will mutilate an electric guitar, the archetype of male demons that will be faced that night. During this ritual, the instrument takes on a new meaning, as with each action there is less and less left to deconstruct. Destroy it together with him, or even better, bring your own guitar to sacrifice it as well.
Clara Saito will perform Sh*d*ws (2022) together with musician Rafa Barreto. This performance is about releasing one’s sh*d*ws by transforming, never becoming, dissociating, transiting identities, questioning genders, never fixing, playing dumb, escaping meaning, living multiple diagnosis, having symptoms of every mental illness. It is about multiplicity, accumulation, excess, about having ancestors in every continent, about acceptance, about accepting that your ancestors disagree on their plans for you and finally understanding that it is through accepting your sh*d*ws that it is possible to release them.
Zgjim Elshani is influenced by his fascination with dystopian futures. Dakota By Night features a variant of his installation EmoTech Crysis 1.0 (2021). In this audiovisual work, an old and almost forgotten Albanian mourning ritual is recorded and thus safeguarded.
Eurico is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of collective and music label Soort. Through written, spoken and programmed language, they explore the codes in which people and other appearances communicate with each other. During Dakota By Night, Eurico is the DJ; they will present new music that feels like a trip that erases past fears.
Ruchama Noorda often emphasises mystical and magical elements in her practice. During Dakota By Night she will perform a ritual in which she grinds residual materials, plants and spirits she has found in and around Nieuw Dakota into tiny compressed landscapes. 

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€10,- online
€12,50 door ticket

Dakota By Night: The Ritual Cleansing is curated in collaboration with artist Alban Karsten.