Apocalyptic Dating, Irina Birger

On March 18 2020 Nieuw Dakota made an Open Call to artists to reflect on this extraordinary period in text and image. Since then the reactions have been flowing in, and our curatorial team has been making a daily selection for social media. In the meantime the website www.corona-archives.com and accompanying archive www.nieuwdakota.beamlab.nl have gone live. 

From July 12 Nieuw Dakota will make a summer set up which the public will be able to walk through. The Passage is the first physical meeting for the public with the Corona-archives. It is going to be a special set up that aims to provide an overall view and an impression of the Corona-archives so far. The exhibition will be put together and set up by the editorial team of the Corona-archives. The Passage will be open until August 30.