Participating artists
Kenneth Aidoo & Anouk Hoogendoorn
Michaël Bloos (& Eva Meijering)
Helena Hoogenraad & Bas Schippers
Goof Kloosterman & Jesse Strikwerda
Jonas Lund & Anika Schwarzlose

But also
Alma Mathijsen

Once they were in love. Once they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Once their gaze was unwaveringly fixed on one another. Sometimes it ended suddenly, sometimes it lasted for years. 

For all the duos in It's Not You, It's Me, they are now exes. Specifically for this exhibition, they reunite for a final time to express something about their broken hearts. Whether the breakup occurred a dozen years ago or just recently, the pain lingers palpably. Some now live on as friends, others secretly long for a reunion, and sometimes it seems like there's nothing left of the love that once was. 

Thanks to
This exhibition is made possible by the Municipality of Amsterdam and AFK.