Maja Bajevic, Women at work – Under Construction, 1999

Participating artists: Eylem Aladogan, Maja Bajevic, Razan Hassan, Katerina Sidorova, Preta Wolzak
Curator: Catherine E. van Olden, assistent: Philippa Driest 

Nothing is more congenial, more seductive than textiles, especially in an epoch like ours, when technology plays a paramount role, and the senses seem to be in jeopardy. Textiles with their diversity of type and structure tell a tale. The project is curated by Catherine E. van Olden, artist, with the assistance of Philippa Driest for the Save the Loom foundation.

The exhibition Migrating Textile is the second major interdisciplinary and international exhibition initiated by the Save the Loom foundation. It tells a story of connection, identity and history. Through a number of selected artists, Migrating Textile shows how the fabric of people gathers new meaning on account of their environment and how important the influence of their migration is on their artistic practice. Migrating Textile shows the work of five artists each of whom is connected in her own way with different cultures and forms of textile. Unique narratives disclose how identity is influenced by mobility, cultural adaptation and hope for a better future. The exhibition pictures textility by showing embroidered, woven and braided works: in an abstract sense it shows that every community is a fabric in which human beings are a major component.

In line with the previous exhibition and with the events which the Save the Loom foundation organises, this show does not entirely limit itself to textile art, but seeks parallels with other media such as film, photography and performance. Maja Bajevic reflects on political events in her work, using video and textile artefacts. Razan Hassan’s film and performance form a moving document telling the story of migration and memory. The power that Eylem Aladogan derives from existential anxiety, she fashions into her textile sculptures. Fascinated by the insanity of human existence, Katerina Sidorova is a multimedia artist with a preference for graphic art. Through her use of soft embroidery techniques and cheerful colours Preta Wolzak emphasises the ominous feeling in her commentary on relevant events in our society.

The curatorial team will conduct guided tours of the exhibition on two occasions. Save the Loom’s eponymous loom will play a central role in the exhibition as installation and as moderator; during the exhibition the public can take part in weaving the piece of cloth on which so far new inhabitants of Amsterdam have worked, in order to see the influence of tactile experience and cooperation.