For What it’s Worth, Dillon Marsh

The Unknown Mine Zone explores alternative sources

The Unknown Mine Zone exhibition showcases artists, designers, architects and researchers that all have a unique perspective on our future raw material, food and material shortage, and who aim to explore potential alternatives. The public is involved in experiments and global issues through fieldwork from contestants with the public. The exhibition series started in the Transnatural gallery and is featured more extensively in Nieuw Dakota from April 18th until June 6 th , 2021. The program also plays in the EYE filmmuseum and concludes at Oerol festival.

The Unknown Mine Zone – exploration on alternative sources

Xandra van der Eijk & Kirstie van Noort (NL), Teresa van Dongen (NL), Adam W. Brown (US), Dillon Mars (SA), MAEID & Concr3de (NL), Johan Grimonprez (BE), Xandra van der Eijk (NL), Onkruidenier & Overtreders W (NL), Pleun van Dijk & Fred Erik (NL/ BE), Kosuke Araki (JP), AMAM (JP),  Tamara Orjola (RU), Bela Rofe (AU), Johan Grimonprez (BE), Onkruidenier (NL)