Nieuw Dakota and Oh Hey! invite you to Dakota By Night, a night where art, performance, music, dance and drinks meet. Hula hoop your hips so tight you rip straight out of your space suit. Buy your ticket to experience weird and catchy acts.

DJ Marcelle makes compositions out of songs and symphonies out of mixes – colliding disparate genres, appropriated vocal snippets and warped soundscapes into a giant Frankenstein-like melting pot. 
Nat Bed wants to make you wet. If Mars had a soccer team, this music would be playing in their clubhouse. With their unhinged mashups of pop songs they bring you a post-game pump up filled with riffs. 
Beati Jolanda Niesyta is a mother, artist and a gardening masseur, lives at an allotment garden and runs a beauty parlour at a meat market. And she's the greatest performer ever! If we're lucky, Beati will bring some friends along...  155 is a formation of creative lunatics brought together by the passion for movement, music and art. They have grown into a group that creates theatrical performances by uniquely combining dance and comedy.
& a surprise act, to be announced...

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