You're invited to join the opening of the group exhibition Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad on Friday May 19th, 2023 at Nieuw Dakota. 

20:00 hrs | doors open
20:15 hrs | opening speech by Ms. Kat and Mr. Vis

RSVP via this link

Participating artists
Nightcrawlers Collective
Donkey L'Albert de Rêve
Hammie the pig
Lobster couple
Wild duck

Mr Vis

Ms Kat


The animals say that there is distance between us and you, except perhaps in death. I’m not surprised that ravens long for the apocalypse, nor that giraffes wish for the collapse of the human world. The lynx prefers to see wildlife migrating through overgrown cities, where eye contact between man and ape can still exist on equal terms. Some beasts suggest - the sound of neighing in agreement - that time be reversed. Oinks and clucks conclude that the possibility of total extinction is also in our midst. At the very least - as flapping wings and waving tails make it clear - all extinct, never scientifically described animal should still receive a distinct species name.  

Once animals were messengers and promises, but I no longer understand them. No human can speak for them, not when we are not even sure when they are talking to us. 

In the group exhibition Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad, five animals are the artists. An animal whisperer gave them a voice, and human assistants brought their concepts to life.

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This exhibition is made possible by the Municipality of Amsterdam and AFK.