Sunday 26 June
15:00 - 18:00 hrs
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Water is vital to life on planet Earth. It covers much of the Earth’s surface in oceans, rivers, lakes and seas, and appears as groundwater, glaciers and clouds. It is captured in political and cultural phenomena, such as drinking and wastewater systems, aquariums and swimming pools. Crucially, water also flows through us to hydrate and fuel cells, organs and tissue and we shed it as tears. By flowing, freezing, evaporating and seeping, water moves across natural, cultural and human bodies. This makes water stand out as the element that inextricably interconnects everything.

Despite the great importance of water for ecology and humanity, exploitation of water and extraction of raw materials and organisms takes place on a large scale. This economic appropriation leads to destruction of natural ecosystems and social inequality. Still Waters Run Deep critically exposes the prevalent anthropocentric worldview that humans are above nature and entitled to sacrifice it for capitalist needs. The exhibition explores how the fundamental connection between humanity and nature, water in particular, can take on a more central role in our conceptions and actions.

Phoebe Boswell
Deep Time Agency (Miriam Sentler & Wouter Osterholt)
Patrick Hough
Esther Kokmeijer
Kasia Molga
Hannah Rowan

Still Waters Run Deep is an initiative of and curated by Marlies Augustijn.

Funding & sponsorship
This project is supported by the Mondriaan Fund, the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund (Lente Fund), the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts), and BeamSystems.